Tuesday, February 5, 2013


We love hearing from our readers and visitors. Whether you just want to leave a simple thumbs up and say yeah I like this product. Or if you want to write your own in depth review and have us post it we will. We like to hear from you guys on what you like and why.

What do you look for in a vaporizer. If you are having any issues or problems let us know. Let the world know so other can take your issues into consideration when they are shopping for their next purchase. Times are tough and no one wants to waste money.

Stay up to date on all happens at PVG (PortableVaporizerGuide.com) several ways. We have a newsletter sign up at our site so you can be first to hear about any contests or giveaways. We also have Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. All ways to help you stay connected.


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